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V-Challenge™ Technical Configuration


    -13 high quality, 125-150 f/s, SD resolution, uniquely configured video cameras
    -3 high quality, 150-200 f/s, Full HD resolution, uniquely configured video cameras

    -Specialized server with dedicated software

    Other hardware
    -Wi-Fi unabled router for data transmission and distribution
    -Interface for HD-SDI distribution
    -Interface for internet streaming distribution
    -Operational interface (two monitors, specialized keyboards, steering controls)


    Combination of off the shelf and custom made/proprietary software
    -Enables capturing, saving, distribution and fast replays of images
    -Allows for very fast and efficient compression and de-compression of high quality images
    -Facilitates very efficient image streaming to external media
    -Provides GUI for system operations, including remote operating protocols

  • Need & Opportunity
    Volleyball, just like any other global sport, due to increased level of skills of players and competition, faces a need to improve fairness of the game, confidence of officiating and to minimise errors and stress of all game participants and stakeholders
  • At the same time, due to global trends, including technological advancements, there are several market opportunities that can capitalize on improvement of relative attractiveness and marketability of volleyball globally
  • Solution
    V-Challenge™ is a proven system, product and service that addresses changing and progressing needs of evolving global volleyball and at the same time can help to capitalize on available market opportunities by increasing attractiveness and marketability of the game